About WA Fuel Finder

This site provides an alternative view of fuel price data in Western Australia allowing you to search by geographical location through an interactive map. It utilizes fuel price data from the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection's FuelWatch and the Google Maps mapping service. It is not affiliated with FuelWatch or Google.

FuelWatch maintains an up-to-date fuel price database for petrol stations in Western Australia as well as making available the following day fuel prices by 2:30PM today. WA Fuel Finder retrieves fuel prices from FuelWatch daily through their public data feeds and the following day fuel prices are generally available on WA Fuel Finder by 5PM.

Fuel searches on this site can be done by West Australian suburb name, postcode, or exact addresses, if there aren't any stations in a searched suburb it will attempt to locate fuel stations and prices within a 5km range. You can also save a location as identified by the map after panning/zooming etc.

Saving locations

This site is completely registration-free, when you save a map as your default location it is stored as a cookie in your browser. On your future visits to the home page, WA Fuel Finder will use this cookie to show you fuel prices in your default location. While searching other suburbs, you can also revisit your default location by clicking on the 'go to your saved location' shortcut on the top right corner of the page.

Saved locations are not recorded on our server and is not divulged to third parties. WA Fuel Finder is a query-and-respond system and the location cookie is simply used as a shortcut to save time and clicks from your fuel-finding adventure by showing your saved search as the starting location.

Location cookies automatically expire after 180 days of unuse or alternatively you can delete your saved location from your browser at any time by clicking on the 'x' next to the shortcut or by clearing your browser's cookies.

News and updates

This site is an ongoing software project and user feedback is very welcome. So if something is not where it should be, or if you have any suggestions or requests please let us know via the feedback form. Keep an eye on the WA Fuel Finder blog for updates, announcements, and the occasional random tidbits.

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