WA Fuel Finder Web App for iPhone & iPod Touch

Finger-friendly way for cheap fuel prices in WA

Search fuel prices from your iPhone or iPod Touch with the touch-optimized version of WA Fuel Finder. There's nothing to install, simply point Safari on your device over to:


WA Fuel Finder for iPhone/iPod Touch is a free service however carrier fees may apply if you're accessing via mobile internet. Check with your mobile service provider for more details. If you're not on an iPhone or iPod Touch you can try out the application by viewing this page on Safari 3, available for PC/Mac


  • Search suburb, postcode, or exact WA address
  • Suburb & postcode autocompletion. Tap the first few letters and let autocompletion take you from J to Joondalup faster
  • Expanded view for a station's complete list of fuel prices
  • Is it a cheap day to fill up? 14-day fuel price trend charts lets you know where you are currently in the station's fuel-price cycle
  • Remembers your last search location
  • Station location links open in the native Google Maps application
  • Bookmark to your home screen for easy access